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1. Scope

The­se Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons lay down the legal rela­ti­ons­hip bet­ween MACARDO GmbH and its Custo­mers with respect to all agree­ments con­clu­ded bet­ween the Par­ties. Any Buy­er regu­la­ti­ons that con­flict with the­se Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons are her­e­by express­ly exclu­ded.


2. Pro­duct Ran­ge and Deli­very Area

The Seller’s pro­duct ran­ge can be view­ed on the web­site and is non-bin­ding. We reser­ve the right to make chan­ges to our pri­ces and pro­duct ran­ge, as well as tech­ni­cal modi­fi­ca­ti­ons. Pro­duc­ts are avail­ab­le only while they are visi­ble on the web­site and while stocks last. Pro­duct infor­ma­ti­on, inclu­ding pro­duct sum­ma­ries and images, is pri­ma­ri­ly for illus­tra­ti­on pur­po­ses and is non-bin­ding.

The Sel­ler deli­vers only wit­hin Switz­er­land. Deli­ve­ries will be made direc­t­ly to the deli­very address and con­tact per­son spe­ci­fied by the Custo­mer.


3. Con­clu­si­on of Agree­ment on

By sub­mit­ting their order and agreeing to the­se Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons, the Buy­er sub­mits a legal­ly bin­ding offer to con­clu­de an agree­ment. The agree­ment will be deemed con­clu­ded when the Buy­er recei­ves con­fir­ma­ti­on of their order by email from MACARDO GmbH. Con­fir­med orders can no lon­ger be can­ce­led or chan­ged by the Buy­er.


4. Pri­ces and Deli­very Char­ges

All pri­ces are sta­ted in Swiss francs (CHF), incl. VAT. We reser­ve the right to chan­ge the pri­ces, con­di­ti­ons, and vin­ta­ges sta­ted on the web­site, wher­e­by the day on which the order is pla­ced is deemed the refe­rence date. The deli­very char­ges per­tai­ning to deli­very by B Mail, fran­king, and packa­ging are pay­a­ble by the Custo­mer and are cal­cu­la­ted as fol­lows: (Sta­tus: Febru­a­ry 2017)

B Mail

  • Up to 2 kg = CHF 10.00
  • Up to 5 kg = CHF 12.00
  • Up to 10 kg = CHF 15.00
  • Up to 20 kg = CHF 20.00
  • Up to 30 kg = CHF 30.00


A Mail

  • Up to 2 kg = CHF 12.00
  • Up to 5 kg = CHF 14.00
  • Up to 10 kg = CHF 17.00
  • Up to 20 kg = CHF 23.00
  • Up to 30 kg = CHF 33.00


5. Volu­me Dis­count

The fol­lo­wing volu­me dis­counts will be app­lied to orders over CHF 800:

• 2% as of CHF 750.00
• 4% as of CHF 1‘500.00
• 6% as of CHF 3’000.00

No accu­mu­la­ti­on of dis­counts is pos­si­ble. Volu­me dis­counts are not avail­ab­le in con­junc­tion with spe­cial offers.


6. Pay­ment

Orders are pay­a­ble by invoice wit­hin 10 days. The deli­ve­r­ed goods will remain the pro­per­ty of the Sel­ler until com­ple­te pay­ment. If the Custo­mer falls in arre­ars with pay­ment of the purcha­se pri­ce, the Sel­ler will be ent­it­led to take back its goods. (Decla­ra­ti­on of with­dra­wal).


7. Deli­very

When the goods are issued for ship­ment, lia­bi­li­ty is trans­fer­red to the Custo­mer. Infor­ma­ti­on about avai­la­bi­li­ty and deli­very times is non-bin­ding, unless writ­ten con­fir­ma­ti­on of this infor­ma­ti­on is recei­ved from the Sel­ler. Pro­vi­ded that the goods are in stock, they will gene­ral­ly be deli­ve­r­ed on work­days wit­hin 5 days.

8. War­ran­ty and Defec­ts

The Buy­er must report any obvious defec­ts by email to at the latest 5 days after rece­ipt of the deli­very. They must report any hid­den defec­ts by email imme­dia­te­ly, but at the latest wit­hin 5 days of dis­co­very. If the Buy­er fails to report defec­ts on time, their war­ran­ty claims will be ren­de­red inva­lid.

The defec­tive goods must be retur­ned tog­e­ther with a copy of the invoice and a detail­ed descrip­ti­on of the defect(s). The Custo­mer will be infor­med of the return address by email once their writ­ten com­p­laint has been recei­ved. Any trans­port costs incur­red will be bor­ne by the Buy­er.

In the case of a war­ran­ty claim, the Sel­ler will deci­de whe­ther to redu­ce the purcha­se pri­ce, replace the goods, or refund the purcha­se pri­ce. Not cove­r­ed by war­ran­ty is any dama­ge cau­sed sole­ly by the Buy­er, e.g. as a result of improper hand­ling, incor­rect sto­rage, or any other exter­nal fac­tors for which the Sel­ler is not respon­si­ble.

Pro­duc­ts orde­red by the Custo­mer in error will not be taken back or refun­ded.


9. Lia­bi­li­ty

Inso­far as per­mit­ted by law, the Buy­er is not ent­it­led to any other claims, irre­spec­tive of their legal grounds. The Sel­ler, their assi­stants, and their vica­rious agents are not liable for dama­ge that has not occur­red to the goods them­sel­ves, in par­ti­cu­lar any con­se­quen­ti­al dama­ge, loss of pro­fit, or any other finan­ci­al los­ses incur­red by the Buy­er.


10. Sale of Alco­ho­lic Bever­ages to Young Peop­le

MACARDO GmbH’s web shop does not sell alco­hol to the under 18s. By sub­mit­ting their order, the Buy­er con­firms that they are 18 years or over in order to com­ply with this regu­la­ti­on and the rele­vant sta­tuto­ry pro­vi­si­ons.


11. Chan­ges and Sup­ple­ments

MACARDO GmbH expli­citly reser­ves the right to adapt the­se Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons in line with the rele­vant con­di­ti­ons at any time and to app­ly them with imme­dia­te effect.


12. App­li­ca­ble Law/Jurisdiction

In the event of a dis­pu­te, exclu­si­ve­ly sub­stan­ti­ve Swiss law will app­ly. The place of juris­dic­tion is Amli­kon-Bis­segg (Switz­er­land).


13. Con­tact