Macardo Señor Rum: The Swiss Nobleman From Strohwilen 23. November 2017

When tra­di­tio­nal Thur­gau craft distil­ling meets inno­va­ti­ve pas­si­on, some­thing uni­que is crea­ted: With its exqui­si­te Señor Rum, Stroh­wi­len-based fine distil­le­ry Macar­do crea­tes a uni­que tas­te sen­sa­ti­on – with a gre­at deal of dedi­ca­ti­on, exper­ti­se, pas­si­on, time, and pati­ence, and using pre­mi­um ingre­dients.

Time should be of no essence when it comes to crea­ting some­thing gre­at. That’s why no one was coun­ting the hours the team at Macar­do was inves­ting in its crea­ti­on of the first, and to date only Swiss rum: “We tested count­less sugar molas­ses and yeast cul­tures, play­ed around with the distil­la­ti­on para­me­ters, casks, and blen­dings, invested a lot of time and ener­gy until we could con­fi­dent­ly say: We’ve done it! We’ve tur­ned our idea into a rea­li­ty!” says Mas­ter Distil­ler Bar­tho­lo­mä­us Fink. The spark­le in his eyes reflec­ts the joy he felt when he took his first sniff of the first ever Macar­do Señor Rum, with its exo­tic, sugar cane aro­ma, had his first tas­te of its deli­ca­te sweet­ness, and the sen­suous blend of cof­fee, cho­co­la­te, cin­na­mon, nut­meg, and malt, with a hint of vanil­la, coco­nut, and wood, hit his pala­te.

«Excel­lent raw mate­ri­als are a must», says owner Andre­as Bös­sow


Repro­du­cing this impres­si­ve pre­mi­um qua­li­ty blend for the mar­ket is some­thing of a Her­cu­le­an task. A myri­ad of fac­tors, down to the wall thic­k­ness of the casks, influ­ence ever­ything and need to be coor­di­na­ted to ensu­re the qua­li­ty of the pure­ly natu­ral pro­duct is at a con­sistent­ly high level.
“Excel­lent raw mate­ri­als are a must. In the case of our Señor Rum, finest sugar molas­ses from India and Nica­ra­gua,” says owner Andre­as Bös­sow. “In addi­ti­on to sugar, the­se also con­tain orga­nic acids and salts, which lend each molas­ses its cha­rac­te­ris­tic fla­vor and aro­ma. The Indian sugar molas­ses is flo­ral, flowe­ry, and fresh. This femi­ni­ne side of Señor Rum acts as a con­trast to its Nica­ra­gu­an macho side: ear­thy, lea­the­ry, power­ful.”


Bar­tho­lo­mä­us Fink’s work, or rather his art, begins with the raw mate­ri­als. He dilu­tes the pure molas­ses with the purest spring water, injec­ts them with select pure yeast cul­tures, and meti­cu­lous­ly moni­tors the fer­men­ta­ti­on pro­cess, which takes several weeks. Once the fer­men­ta­ti­on reaches exac­t­ly the right point, he “heats” the mash.
With dedi­ca­ti­on, accu­ra­cy, and flair from his some two deca­des of pro­fes­sio­nal expe­ri­ence, he fol­lows the distil­la­ti­on pro­cess, during which the alco­hol and aro­ma­tic esters, which lend the rum its fla­vor and aro­ma, rise four levels from the appro­xi­mate­ly 150-liter-capa­ci­ty still befo­re they are coo­led and fall – hea­vy with aro­ma and crys­tal clear – into Ame­ri­can-oak casks.


The deli­ca­te Indian molas­ses and the macho Nica­ra­gu­an molas­ses then lie dor­mant in the­se casks for several mon­ths, whe­re they age as the result of the oxi­da­ti­on pro­cess, during which oxy­gen pene­tra­tes the cask walls, and whe­re they absorb fra­gran­ces and aro­mas, as well as color from the wood. Initi­al­ly sharp fla­vors beco­me mel­low, subt­le aro­mas smooth, odors crys­tal clear.
Bar­tho­lo­mä­us keeps a vigi­lant eye on the dor­mant mix­tu­re. He regu­lar­ly checks the odor, fla­vor, aro­mas, color, and alco­hol con­tent – with nose, tongue, pala­te, eyes, and hydro­me­ter – until he is sure that both rums are per­fect. He then fol­lows a top secret reci­pe to mix the deli­ca­te and the macho in used whis­ky bar­rels, and then lea­ves them several more mon­ths until they have for­med a uni­que­ly balan­ced blend.
The fruit of this pas­sio­na­te uni­on is Macardo’s Señor Rum: A uni­que­ly fine tipp­le, lively, not too sweet, aro­ma­tic, and ele­gant. Made with Swiss pre­cisi­on, the finest ingre­dients, tre­men­dous dedi­ca­ti­on, and a gre­at deal of pas­si­on. Con­nois­seurs will love it – and will no lon­ger won­der why the sur­face of the cop­pe­ry deli­cacy some­ti­mes has a fine blood-red she­en to it.


  • Made from pre­mi­um qua­li­ty pure molas­ses from India and Nica­ra­gua
  • Several weeks’ care­ful fer­men­ta­ti­on with select pure yeast cul­tures
  • Care­ful distil­la­ti­on in small bat­ches over an open wood fire
  • Aging in spe­ci­al­ly selec­ted Ame­ri­can-oak casks with strong wall thic­k­nes­ses
  • Sophisti­ca­ted blen­ding fol­lo­wing a top secret reci­pe
  • Gua­ran­te­ed con­sistent­ly excel­lent qua­li­ty, retai­ning its fla­vor across the vin­ta­ges
  • 100% pure natu­ral pro­duct, gua­ran­te­ed no added sugar (cara­mel), cara­mel syrup, colo­rings, or fla­vo­rings



Bar­ba­ra & Niels Meijerink’s small arti­san “Mür­bel” – a fudge-like deli­cacy – work­shop in Matt­wil in the can­ton of Thur­gau uses our amber deli­cacy to make its gour­met Macar­do Señor Rum Mür­bel, descri­bed as “like an angel on your tongue”…