No grappa! Or is there?

Macar­do uses a mul­ti­tu­de of dif­fe­rent grape varie­ties for its pro­duc­tion of high-qua­li­ty grap­pas. Our Pinot pomaces are distil­led fresh­ly pres­sed and stored in spe­ci­al­ly selec­ted casks for several years. Smooth and vel­vety notes from the cask cha­rac­te­ri­ze this fine bran­dy. The Mül­ler-Thur­gau, bot­t­led as clear, has a spring-like, flowe­ry aro­ma and stands out for its uni­queness.

For legal rea­sons, bran­dies made from pomaces left over from wine pro­duc­tion may be cal­led “grap­pa” only in Ita­li­an-speaking regi­ons. That’s why we call the­se spe­ci­fic bran­dies made from regio­nal grape varie­ties “Aqua­vi­te di vinac­cia”. For its fine Cuvée Reser­va, Macar­do uses Pinot Noir, Char­don­nay, and Gewürz­tra­mi­ner pomaces. It is stored in used Macar­do whis­ky casks, which lend it its mul­ti­laye­red, illus­trious note.

Muller Sortiment
Pinot Noir Sortiment
Cuvee Sortiment

Acquavite di vinaccia Müller Thurgau 35cl – 42% Vol.

Crys­tal clear. Varie­ty-typi­cal pomace distil­la­te made from Mül­ler Thur­gau gra­pes. Delight­ful­ly flowe­ry, aro­ma­tic, frui­ty, fresh, and excep­tio­nal­ly mel­low. Ent­i­cing play on aro­mas, with power­ful nut­meg aro­mas, inten­si­ve citrus tones, mos­sy hints, white flowers, and pep­pe­ry notes…

Pinot Noir Sortiment

Acquavite di vinaccia Pinot Noir Barrique 35cl – 42% Vol.

This supe­ri­or distil­la­te unveils the frui­ty, power­ful essen­ces that lie dor­mant in Pinot Noir gra­pes. They lend it its rustic fines­se, a well-balan­ced subt­le­ty, and its power­ful, aro­ma­tic, cha­rac­ter­ful, full fla­vor. Also with a hint of vanil­la and subt­le woo­dy notes in the nose…

Cuvee Sortiment

Acquavite di vinaccia Cuvée Reserva 35cl – 42% Vol.

Won­der­ful clear­ly defi­ned balan­ce of pomace and frui­ty notes. Fresh, sophisti­ca­ted fla­vor, jui­cy grape mash, crys­tal clear. Jui­cy and extre­me­ly aro­ma­tic in the mouth. Delight­ful notes of nut­meg, mild pomace, fresh, gra­pey fruit, with a slight hint of nut­meg, a hint of pep­per, …

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