Acquavite di vinaccia Pinot Noir Barrique

35cl - 42% Vol.

Color: amber
Nose: classic Pinot nose, fruity, roasted notes
Palate: Tdried fruit, such as raisins, licorice, vanilla, grapey, aromatic berry fruit, smooth, flowery, slightly woody flavor, pleasant finish
Storage: aged in a used Macardo whisky barrique


From a Macardo whisky cask

A pure Pinot Noir grape pomace lends Macardo’s Swiss pomace brandy “Aquavite di vinaccia Pinot Noir Barrique” its exceptional finesse, well-balanced subtlety, and impressive aroma tightness. 100% Made in Switzerland and slowly aged in used Macardo whisky barrique casks, this pomace brandy captivates with its glowing amber and smooth digestibility. An internationally multi-award-winning Swiss pomace distillate that can give any Italian grappa a run for its money.

Tasting notes
This superior distillate unveils the fruity, powerful essences that lie dormant in Pinot Noir grapes. They lend it its rustic finesse, a well-balanced subtlety, and its powerful, aromatic, characterful, full flavor. Also with a hint of vanilla and subtle woody notes in the nose. Extremely subtle notes of whisky and a light sweetness, which also come from its aging in a used Macardo whisky barrique. It becomes mild and palatable, and, for fans, is the perfect digestif to follow a good meal.

39,00 CHF inkl. 7.7% MwSt.

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