Single Malt Limited Edition SEVEN

70cl - 47% Vol.

Color: copper
Nose: fruity, nutty, grassy, vanilla
Palate: powerful, roasted aromas, nutty, creamy, great consistency, multilayered, long-lasting finish
Storage: European oak, nut liquor cask

Tasting notes
This genuine Thurgau “grand cru” is a single cask malt from a very special nut liquor cask made from European oak. Wonderful light copper colors. The fragrance is fruity, nutty, and grassy, with pleasant vanilla tones. A smooth, yet powerful flavor, with a fine balance of ripe fruits, raisins, and a spice to tantalize the taste buds, and thereby whet the appetite and leave your mouth watering. It has roasted aromas and is nutty and creamy, with a great consistency. A multilayered, long-lasting finish. A tempting choice for a cozy evening à deux.

94,00 CHF inkl. 7.7% MwSt.

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