Swiss Bourbon Whisky

70cl - 42% Vol.

Color: amber
Nose: dried fruit, including apricots and figs, vanilla, geranium
Palate: powerful, flowery, velvety, sweet and juicy, caramel, multilayered, elegant finish
Storage: new American white oak casks


The height of exclusivity from Macardo

The world’s most popular whisky is bourbon whisky, produced predominantly in Kentucky. “Bourbon” is a protected designation. The “Code of Federal Regulations, Title 27, Section 5.22, 1964” specifies the criteria that make a whisky a bourbon.

  • The mash for bourbon whisky must contain at least 51% corn kernel.
  • Bourbon whisky must be left to age in new American oak casks for a minimum of two years.

Swiss bourbon from Macardo in Strohwilen is one of the few bourbon whiskies to be produced outside the US – and is one that not only satisfies, but by far exceeds the criteria of original US bourbon whisky! Swiss bourbon whisky from Macardo is made from the very best Swiss cereals – with the cereal mix containing considerably more than 51% Thurgau corn. Moreover, Macardo’s Swiss bourbon whisky is left to age in new, toasted (internally charred) American white oak casks for not two, but at least five years. And because the spring water used in its production comes from calcareous springs – as in Kentucky, the birthplace of bourbon – this Swiss amber delicacy boasts a unique, full-bodied, fruity flavor.

Tasting notes
A premium bourbon. Amber colors, like shiny gold. Malty caramel extracts, fresh and fruity notes of dried fruit, vanilla, cereals, and flowery hints of geranium. The initially sweet taste gradually evolves into a sophisticated aroma. It packs power and texture, with a long-lasting intense richness. This bourbon is flowery and velvety, pleasantly drinkable, with an elegant, multilayered finish. A good solid favorite, even among the ladies.

82,00 CHF inkl. 7.7% MwSt.

Weight 1.6 kg