Swiss Bourbon Whisky

70cl - 42% Vol.

Color: amber
Nose: dried fruit, including apricots and figs, vanilla, geranium
Palate: powerful, flowery, velvety, sweet and juicy, caramel, multilayered, elegant finish
Storage: new American white oak casks

Tasting notes
A premium bourbon. Amber colors, like shiny gold. Malty caramel extracts, fresh and fruity notes of dried fruit, vanilla, cereals, and flowery hints of geranium. The initially sweet taste gradually evolves into a sophisticated aroma. It packs power and texture, with a long-lasting intense richness. This bourbon is flowery and velvety, pleasantly drinkable, with an elegant, multilayered finish. A good solid favorite, even among the ladies.

82,00 CHF inkl. 7.7% MwSt.

Weight 1.7 kg