Vieille Pomme Golden Delicious

35cl - 42% Vol.

Color: amber
Nose: subtle fruity notes, vanilla
Palate: well-balanced oak tones, sweet, hint of marzipan, apple peel, peppery, aromatic, and tangy
Storage: aged in a used whisky barrique


Liquid apple from Macardo

The apple – emblem of the canton of Thurgau and a real delicacy when it comes to the Golden Delicious variety – achieves sheer perfection in the form of the Swiss Pomme Golden Delicious “Vieille”. Carefully distilled, aged in a used Swiss whisky cask over a long period of time, together with dried Golden Delicious apples, refined by nature, and with guaranteed no added sugar, colorings, or flavorings, the Pomme Golden Delicious “Vieille” from Switzerland is the crowning glory in the fine art of distillation. Award-winning, intriguingly aromatic, and, thanks to its mellow whisky tones, distinctively enticing.

Tasting notes
Delightfully bright amber. An intense fragrance of apple notes, refined through the storage of the distillate with sun-ripened Thurgau apples, and with roasted and balsamic aromas in the nose. Distinctive roasted aromas and mellow whisky tones from its barrique storage in a whisky cask. Vanilla, blossom honey, peppery, aromatic, with a compelling, seductive combination of apple and wood. With a fruity, elegant, smooth, multilayered, and long-lasting finish. The scent of ripe apples is highly seductive, not just for Adam.

39,00 CHF inkl. 7.7% MwSt.

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