Vieille Prune

35cl - 42% Vol.

Color: amber
Nose: fully ripe plum, fruity, vanilla
Palate: dried fruit, classic plum nose, not too sweet, rather incredibly pleasant, well-balanced, with a subtle touch of wood, a hint of bitter almonds, full-boded, mellow, and long-lasting.
Storage: aged in a used whisky barrique


An exclusive prune “Vieille” from Macardo

Hand-picked, fully ripe exquisite plums are the basic ingredient in Macardo’s fine Prune “Vieille”, produced by the master distiller according to an age-old recipe. An exquisite fruit brandy Made in Switzerland, awarded Gold for best prune “Vieille” in the world at the IWSC 2016 in London. With a sensational aroma tightness, a distinct, light amber, and a unique flavor, thanks to its extensive storage in a used whisky cask and the addition of prunes. A 100% natural Swiss fine distillate of the highest quality that elicits tears of joy in connoisseurs of the premium Swiss Prune “Vieille” – and that is guaranteed free from additives.

Tasting notes
Clear, light amber. Finest plum aroma, with a hint of vanilla and well-blended oak tones. This unique flavor is the result of a long storage period, combined with ripe, powerful, dried fruit. A fruity, elegant, sweet, full-bodied, and juicy flavor, with delicate bitter almond tones and a hint of forest and blossom honey. A captivating, aromatic, delicately sweet, and intense finish. An entire fruit bowl of palate experiences you’ll want to reserve for your best friends.

39,00 CHF inkl. 7.7% MwSt.

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