Acting sustainably means gaining time

For the wheat and the fruit. For the mashing, fermentation and distillation. And likewise for the maturing. Enjoyment requires patience, perseverance, consistency. Or in other words: time. For us, the time factor is a cornerstone of our work. And we are already thinking about the time after us. A symbol of this: a barrel of the finest Macardo whisky lies hidden in the depths. Protected by over 100-year-old walls of the former cheese dairy, around which we have built our new building. We keep it there for future generations. Above ground, our Macardo World is just as much a symbol of sustainability. A multi-generational project with many innovative elements. So that those after us will also have time for enjoyment.

Water from own source

A strong spring has been associated with the property since 1907. Once used for cheese production and pig breeding, today our basis for high-quality single malts, thurbons and other spirits. The water flows directly into a 50 cubic liter spring water tank. From here, the valuable water enters the mash preparation system and the distillery, where it is used for cooling and cleaning the distillation equipment. The water in the tank that is not used overflows into a 50 m3 gray water tank. Some of the rainwater from the roof also collects there. This water is returned to agriculture for irrigation and livestock.

Solar energy

Highly efficient solar energy panels are mounted on the striking peaked roofs of the new building. These cover an area of 620m2 and deliver a maximum output of 117 kWp. Per year, the photovoltaic system can produce more than 108,000 kWh of electricity - enough for around 25 households. Macardo uses the self-produced solar energy highly efficiently, stores surpluses, and will continue to optimize its energy efficiency with the goal of becoming energy self-sufficient. Anyone visiting Macardo by electric car or e-bike can charge their vehicle here with sustainable solar energy.

Geothermal energy

A reversible heat pump, fed by ten geothermal probes of 200 meters each, is used for both heating and cooling the premises. Via this system, combined with an innovative ventilation system, a special microclimate is created in the barrel warehouse. The heat pump and the entire ventilation system are powered by solar electricity from the company's own photovoltaic system. In addition, the waste heat from the distillery is used to regenerate the earth probe field.

CO2 neutral distillery operation

The heart of the new distillery are two stills with 100 and 200 liters capacity. They are fired with wood from regional forests. If necessary, the solar plant also provides support. The fermented mash, ready for distillation, is pumped from the fermentation tank directly into the still. The vaporous distillate is liquefied and cooled with spring water. The waste heat is stored and used for the regeneration of the geothermal probe and for heating the preheaters of the mash tanks. The burned-out hot stillage is pumped directly into the stillage tank - here it cools down and awaits removal.

Waste and recycling

Of course, all waste generated is sorted and recycled as far as possible. In addition, Macardo does not use disposable tableware and cutlery. All products are filled in recyclable glass bottles and shipped in particularly environmentally friendly packaging. Biological waste from the distillery is collected in a slurry tank and regularly fed to a nearby biogas plant. One load of 8 m3 of stillage generates up to 2,400 kWh.


Swisstainable is a Swiss sustainability program from tourism for tourism. The focus is on the sustainable development of Switzerland as a tourist destination.

The sustainability program Swisstainable aims to give visibility to the commitment of the tourism sector and to support the tourism service providers in their efforts towards a comprehensive sustainable development of Swiss tourism.