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And the winner is.... Macardo Swiss Distillery

March 17, 2022 - In the presence of numerous guests from the tourism industry in eastern Switzerland, Macardo Swiss Distillery GmbH was today able to accept the Thurgau Tourism Award, endowed with 10,000 Swiss francs, in Weinfelden.

The concept: tradition combines with modernity

With this award, the jury recognizes the highly innovative character behind the Macardo world of enjoyment and experience implemented in 2021, the new "Fasslager 4.0" and the associated sustainability concept. Andy and Martina Bössow skillfully combine tradition and innovation.

Due to the lack of space at the old location, Macardo Swiss Distillery GmbH moved to a former cheese factory in Amlikon-Bissegg. Today, the location has become a distillery with state-of-the-art infrastructure, where tradition and innovation find equal space.

Firing at Macardo is still done with a lot of manual work, in small quantities and with fire. The rest is high-tech, all in the name of sustainability. This philosophy runs through the entire facility, which since the renovation and new construction includes much more than just a distillery. For example, a unique event location, the unique barrel warehouse, a premium bed and breakfast with business apartments, a bar with cigar lounge and a walk-in store. This facility, the Tourism Award jury agreed, has the potential to become a beacon for Thurgau tourism. The electronically monitored maturation of the distillates in the barrel store is a world first, and the world of experience and enjoyment that Macardo has initiated here is stylish, sustainable and simply typical of Thurgau.

In addition, one of the Macardo whiskies even carries the canton of Thurgau in its name: The Swiss Thurbon. This name was created as a clear commitment to the homeland and origin of the Bössow family. After the bourbon whisky won several international awards and the makers were made aware that the name "Bourbon" is protected under the Swiss and US trade agreement, the "Swiss Bourbon" became the "Swiss Thurbon".

Macardo Distillery's whiskies, spirits, vieilles and other products are made from Thurgau grain, corn, rye, barley and water from its own source. Macardo Swiss Distillery GmbH is a prime example of innovation and courage - components one would wish for in an award winner.

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