Sir Dry Gin

70cl - 42% Vol.

Color: crystal clear, sparkly
Nose: aromatic fragrance of juniper berry, pleasantly drinkable, roasted, grainy
Palate: very smooth and subtle, extremely multifaceted, multilayered, fresh, clear


Swiss dry gin for connoisseurs

London Dry Gin is the oldest and best-known category of gin, dating back to distillates produced in London in the 18th Century and still using elements of these recipes today. The list of botanicals, or herbs and spices, used in the production of dry gin, is long and varied. The only ingredient used in both Swiss dry gin and Macardo’s Sir Dry Gin is juniper. Like all genuine, high-quality dry gins, this 100% Made in Switzerland dry gin is also distilled multiple times – without the addition of colorants or sugar. The recipe for the Swiss dry gin created with 19 organic botanicals, some of which are sourced very locally, is a well-kept secret, its taste unique, with juniper and citrus aromas, a subtle acidity, and refined sharpness.

Tasting notes
Has a sparkly, crystal-clear robe and slight bluish tint when poured into a glass. Characterized on the palate by a mild aroma, full of finesse, thanks to its combination of juniper and citrus aromas, subtle acidity, and refined sharpness in the finish. Extremely sophisticatedly aromatic gin, with delicate citrus notes, 19 botanicals, delightfully fragranced. Fruity and elegant in the mouth, pleasantly balanced. Background hints of mint, aniseed, coconut, lime zest, black tea, and hay. Full-bodied, multifaceted, and pleasantly tangy.

51,00 CHF inkl. 7.7% MwSt.

Weight 1.6 kg

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