Zar Vodka

70cl - 42% Vol.

Color: crystal clear
Nose: subtly roasted rye bread, aromatic, fruity, with a hint of smoky
Palate: mellow, fruity, multilayered, subtly aromatic, fresh, clear, beautiful full aroma


Swiss vodka for connoisseurs

First-rate vodka is made from cereals – and not from potatoes or molasses. Only then can it taste so neutral yet potent, just like connoisseurs like it. That’s why more and more vodka enthusiasts are choosing Macardo Zar Vodka, made from 100% natural Swiss ingredients. This Swiss vodka is made from select Thurgau rye, according to an old recipe, using exclusive special yeasts. Laboriously distilling small batches over a wood fire multiple times results in an exceptional vodka that is incredibly smooth and mellow on the palate, with subtle nuances of fresh fruit, delicate citrus and mint notes, and a very slight peppery sharpness. Whether enjoyed neat, mixed, ice-cold, or at room temperature or as an accompaniment to fine Swiss caviar, the Zar Vodka from Macardo is the Swiss vodka. A real pleasure for connoisseurs and enthusiasts of exclusive Swiss liquors.

Tasting notes
Our vodka is slightly fruity and incredibly smooth and mellow on the palate. A hint of finesse in the nose. Nuances of fresh fruit – subtle citrus notes – which make for a unique aroma. Its very hint of mint and slightly peppery notes are sensational. Some floral scents with a whiff of green meadows. A pleasant, full-bodied texture and clear finish unfurls on the palate. A real treat of a drink, neat or in a cocktail!

46,00 CHF inkl. 7.7% MwSt.

Weight 1.6 kg

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