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Schnapps from Thurgau people becomes disinfectant

In the municipality of Amlikon-Bissegg, more than 500 liters of high-proof alcohol have been collected in recent days. But not for drinking: the alcohol is converted into disinfectant at the regional distillery.

From the village - for the village: This is the motto of the project of the distillery "Macardo" in Strohwilen and the community of Amlikon-Bissegg. Together, they are fighting against the shortage of disinfectant: In the last few days, the distillery has been able to obtain about 200 liters of disinfectant from the schnapps of the population. This is now offered in the village store Amlikon at the price of 24 francs per 500 ml. The profit will again benefit socially needy people in the community.

Author: ska/mle

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