Swiss whisky: Buy, discover, and savor

Single Malt Whisky

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Swiss Bourbon Whisky

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Single Malt Limited Edition SEVEN

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More and more whis­ky enthu­si­asts are buy­ing Swiss whis­ky. Becau­se con­nois­seurs swe­ar by Swiss whis­ky for two rea­sons: First­ly, Swiss sin­gle malt or Swiss bour­bon is at least as high in qua­li­ty as Irish whis­ky, Scotch whis­ky, or bour­bon whis­ky, and second­ly, Swiss whis­kies pack a punch, while remai­ning both dis­cre­te and high­ly com­pel­ling. Swiss whis­ky is usual­ly less smo­ky, dis­tinc­tively frui­ty, mul­ti­laye­red, and won­der­ful­ly full-bodi­ed.


How is Swiss whisky best enjoyed?

The ques­ti­on of how a fine Swiss whis­ky is to be enjoy­ed is as old as whis­ky its­elf – and the ans­wer to this is pure­ly “a mat­ter of tas­te”. Each and every whis­ky con­nois­seur enjoys their Swiss sin­gle malt or Swiss bour­bon whis­ky as their pre­fe­rence dic­ta­tes: neat, on the rocks, or at room tem­pe­ra­tu­re. Many whis­ky con­nois­seurs like to add a few drops of water to their Swiss whis­ky, espe­ci­al­ly when drin­king the strong “cask strength” varie­ty. This ampli­fies in the nose the smooth aro­mas and fla­vors that make Swiss whis­ky so dis­tinc­tive and uni­que, which fur­ther inten­si­fies the tas­te sen­sa­ti­on.