Prove your taste! With gifts
and corporate products from Macardo

 Find the perfect employee and customer gift here! Corporate gifts can be customized and personalized. Perhaps you have a special customer request? Or would you like to distill your own company whiskey? Or are you looking for a corporate gift for the company anniversary? If you want to stand out, you have to be different! And that is exactly what we offer.

Corporate gifts

Loyal business partners and the best customers deserve special attention. Give them the attention and appreciation they deserve - with an exclusive corporate gift from Macardo. Show your good taste, your attachment to Switzerland and your knowledge of the value of tradition, innovation and Swiss craftsmanship. Give pleasure that tastes great and is welcome on any occasion. Contact us. We will put together the perfect corporate gift for you.


Corporate Products

You would like to give away your own whisky - or pour your own spirit? Do you dream of an exclusive spirit that is only available from you? No problem! Macardo produces individual distillates on your behalf - to your taste, in a container of your choice, with your company label and in your corporate design. From limited fruit brandy to Acquavite di Vinaccia made from the marc of your grapes to your whisky, which will be stored in your own barrel.

Your anniversary whisky

Your company or club may celebrate an anniversary in the coming years? Your best friend is heading for retirement? You want to be able to present your child with something very special on the day of his or her coming of age? Then distill your own whisky today at Macardo for the occasion of tomorrow! Together with our Master Distiller, you'll make your whisky - from the mash to choosing the cask in which we'll store it for you - until the day comes to open the cask.

Your own fruit brandy

You have a lot of fine fruit and would like to process it into a fruit brandy, but you lack the equipment, the know-how or the time? Then simply leave the work to us! We would be happy to process your fruit into an excellent fruit brandy in typical Macardo quality - including an exclusive finishing in wooden barrels, which we store for you in the most modern barrel cellar in the world. After barrel aging, we bottle the brandy for you - in bottles with your individually designed label.

Gift vouchers

Give away an exclusive voucher for our guided tours, for the Bed & Breakfast or for brunch or simply a value voucher.

Convenient to buy online and customizable. The recipient has the flexibility to choose their own date.

Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries or as a token of appreciation. Simple voucher purchase, individual message and direct printout or convenient dispatch by e-mail - also ideal for last-minute gifts.



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    Corporate gifts are a great way to appreciate your customers and business partners and show them that you are thinking of them. Especially at Christmas, personalized gifts offer a special touch and make the recipient even happier. Here, macardo Swiss Distillery offers a unique way to personalize your gifts and make them unforgettable.

    Why not a whiskey or gin or rum as a gift for your customers or business partners? A distillate offers an individual and unique way to personalize the gift. You can even have your own label on the bottles. In this way you can ensure that your gift will be unforgettable and remembered by your business partner or customer for a long time.

    Family celebrations also provide a great opportunity to give personalized gifts. A whisky cask filled with the family's favorite whisky is a great way to celebrate the occasion. Adding your own label to the bottles makes the gift feel even more personalized and shows that you've really put some thought into it.

    At Macardo Swiss Distillery, there are a variety of distillates to choose from to use in your personalized gift. From whiskey to gin to fruit brandy, there is a wide selection of different distillates that you can use in your barrel.

    In conclusion, personalized gifts from Macardo Swiss Distillery are a great way to surprise and give special pleasure to your customers, business partners and family members. Corporate gifts bring joy and a whisky with your own label on the bottles is a unique way to personalize the gift and ensure that it will be remembered for a long time.