Vieilles - fruit distillates

Thurgau fruit in its noblest form

With experience and fire we elicit a maximum of flavor from Thurgau fruits. They ripen in wooden barrels in the Macardo barrel warehouse, with the addition of dried fruit. A sensation is not only the colors, but also their taste - without any added sugar, colorings or flavorings. This is how our special Vieilles are created. 

Vieil Abricot is produced from highly aromatic and hand-picked apricots. Superior quality with a distinctive fruity flavor, marked by hints of marzipan, toasted aromas and oak. In other words, a sweet delicacy, fruity and not at all sticky, with a complex aroma. A wonderful fruit brandy for the special occasion.

According to an ancient recipe, our Vieille Prune is made from fully ripe fine plums. In 2016, it was awarded IWSC gold in London as the best in its category. Finest plum aroma with a little vanilla and light oak tone. Our Vieille Prune matures in occupied whiskey barrels made of American white oak, with the addition of dried plums.

The apple, symbol of the canton of Thurgau, and a true delicacy arrives in the form of the Swiss Vieille Pomme to perfection. The intense apple note, accompanied by vanilla, also convinces with hints of balsamic and oak. Award-winning, fascinatingly aromatic and uniquely seductive thanks to a delicate whiskey note. In short, a delight. 

Vieille Poire Williams from Macardo is one of the best Williams brandies in the world, also awarded the gold medal of the IWSC in London. Intense pear aroma, tart nuances, caramel, raisins and floral honey. Multilayered, round and smooth, with an infinitely long finish. The light wood and whiskey aromas give this fruit brandy an exclusive spiciness without pushing the pear flavor into the background. In any case, a great pleasure.  

Discover our diverse range of different fruit distillates. An absolute pleasure of selected fruits from the Thurgau. Do not miss our noble Vieilles in any case. Our 10 cl bottles are also available in the practical box of three. You can conveniently compose your desired box in the online store.