The perfect accessories for any occasion

In addition to first-class spirits, Macardo also offers you many suitable accessories for enjoying and giving.

For example the Macardo Rolling Tumbler. Glass fits perfectly in the hand. If you place it on the table, it rotates slightly - this allows the multi-layered aromas to unfold in the glass. With this tumbler you enjoy your single malt, Thurbon or Scotch whisky in style. The glass is also suitable for drinks "on the rocks". Or the Macardo Nosing Glass. It is perfectly suited for tasting spirits, because the aroma can spread wonderfully in the "belly" of the nosing glass. The aroma is thus concentrated to the nose. In short, an ideal glass with which you can also enjoy the Vieilles or the Aquavite di vinaccia (grappa) well from these beautiful glasses. 

The Macardo Bartender Set with 11 pieces is the ideal basic equipment for every bar and every cocktail party. With it you mix perfect drinks, whether at home or on the road. In addition, it has enough space for other useful tools. Roll out the bar bag, then the tools are at your fingertips. So nothing more stands in the way of mixing fun. In combination with the Drinking Straw made of glass you not only enjoy more taste, but also reduce plastic - it is made of sturdy glass, 100% sustainable and dishwasher safe. In addition to the drinking straws, you also receive a cleaning brush. The drinking straws made of glass are perfect for mix drinks.

And gift giving is even more fun with the noble gift packaging for our Macardo whisky. The stylish and sturdy box made of black cardboard is printed in white. On the back are notes on the processing of Macardo whiskies and a view of the Macardo whisky experience. But don't worry: the large viewing window - angularly accurate to the shape of the cask store - directs the focus directly to the contents.

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