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A fine whisky, a fruity cocktail, a fine cigar - in the Macardo Honesty Bar with Cigar Lounge, enjoyment comes first. Inside in a stylish ambience. Outside on the large terrace with a view of the Alpstein and Säntis.

Honesty means "trust" = "self-service" on which our bar concept is based - Here you serve yourself - and also pay yourself. Welcome are all connoisseurs who appreciate this advantage.

You will quickly notice that the clocks tick differently here. Perhaps this is because you have a direct view of the Macardo barrel warehouse from the bar. Or because our robot bartender mixes your favorite cocktail in a matter of seconds. Or because of the company of your friends, employees or club colleagues. Because our bar can also be reserved - if desired in combination with a gala dinner in the event room.

Indulgence knows no bounds at Macardo.
360° tour of our Honesty Bar

Opening hours
and access

The Honesty Bar & Cigar Lounge by Macardo is open to all connoisseurs. Guests of our Premium B&B have direct access. Visitors from outside are admitted via the check-in terminal. The concept of an Honesty Smokers Cocktail Bar: you serve yourself, settle your consumption yourself and clear your glasses to the side at the end. Open daily from 11 am to midnight.

Bringing your own food and drinks is NOT allowed.

Macardo specialties

In our Honesty Bar and Cigar Lounge you can enjoy the full variety of Macardo products. In addition to our excellent whiskies, fruity Vieilles and exquisite Acquavite di vinaccia, you can also choose from all Macardo spirits - pure or as part of a long drink or cocktail prepared by the bartender robot.


Cigars selection Macardo Swiss Distillery


Lovers of fine cigars get their money's worth in the Cigar Lounge. In the humidor made especially for us by the Nüesch company, an inspiringly varied selection of excellent smokes awaits you - put together exclusively for Macardo by Urs Portmann Tabakwaren. Choose what you are craving for: Cigars from mild to strong, from the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Cuba and other countries.

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Bartender robot

Long wait for a cocktail that is not perfectly mixed? This is guaranteed not to happen to you at Macardo's Honesty Bar. Here, the robot bartender prepares more than 50 different cocktails, long drinks and other mixed drinks. In perfection, at the touch of a button, within seconds. You make your choice, place the mixing cup under the spout, shake or stir the ingredients - according to your preference - and enjoy a perfectly prepared drink just moments later.

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Pleasure with foresight

Macardo's Honesty Bar & Cigar Lounge is located in the southern part of the building and impresses not only with its stylish ambience - comfortable Chesterfield sofas, the view into the barrel warehouse or the far-reaching view of Alpstein and Säntis. No matter whether you indulge in the building or relax on the large south-facing terrace on a balmy evening: The panorama is as inspiring as our specialties, the perfectly mixed drinks from the bartender robot and the fine cigars from the humidor.

We look forward to your visit. 

Macardo Swiss Distillery GmbH
Frauenfelderstrasse 21 Strohwilen
CH-8514 Amlikon-Bissegg
+41 71 652 60 00 info@macardo.ch
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Opening hours

Monday 11-24 h
Tuesday 11-24 h
Wednesday 11-24 h
Thursday 11-24 h
Friday 11-24 h
Saturday 11-24 h
Sunday 11-24 h


From Frauenfeld and Weinfelden you can reach us with the Postbus line 838.
The bus stop "Fimmelsberg / Kreuz" is directly in front of our house.

On the direct way or connected with a nice tour.
In Veloland Thurgau many paths lead to Strohwilen. Here you will find a selection of possible routes.

Plan bike route

From the area Konstanz / Kreuzlingen follow the A7 to junction 5, Grüneck, and then road no. 14 towards Weinfelden. At the height of Märstetten, leave the traffic circle in the direction of Wil / Münchwilen and turn right in Junkholz at the sign Fimmelsberg, Thundorf, Frauenfeld into Frauenfelderstrasse. After just under one kilometer you will reach Macardo.

From the St.Gallen / Rhine Valley area follow the A1 in the direction of Zurich until exit 76, Münchwilen. First follow the signs Münchwilen / Sirnach and then the signs towards Weinfelden. In Tobel / Tägerschen turn left into Wilerstrasse (16) in the direction of Konstanz, Kreuzlingen, Affeltrangen, Tobel. After about 5 kilometers, just before the hamlet of Bänikon, turn left into Sonnenhofstrasse. After about one kilometer you will reach Macardo.

From the Zurich area first follow the A1 in the direction of St.Gallen and from freeway junction 73, Winterthur Ost, the A7 in the direction of Konstanz. At junction 5, Grüneck, follow the signs to Romanshorn, Müllheim, Weinfelden and drive to Märstetten. There you leave the traffic circle in the direction of Wil / Münchwilen and turn right in Junkholz at the sign Fimmelsberg, Thundorf, Frauenfeld into Frauenfelderstrasse. After about one kilometer you will reach Macardo.

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    "In our Honesty Bar & Cigar Lounge you can enjoy the full variety of Macardo products."