Spirits: Vodka & Co.

A must for every bar

The Macardo Spirits - spirits should not be missing in any bar. Our in Switzerland and internationally awarded spirits, are a treat - pure in cocktails or long drinks. 

The Tsar Vodka is made from 100% pure Thurgau wheat. Multiple distilling of small batches over a wood fire creates an exceptional vodka. Nuances of fresh fruit, a subtle citrus note and cereals, resulting in a unique aroma. Moreover, it unfolds a pleasant, round texture on the palate with a clear finish. Enjoyed neat, mixed, ice cold or at room temperature, as well as an accompaniment to fine Swiss caviar, Macardo Zar Vodka is a delight for connoisseurs and aficionados.

Contessa Vermouth, an artisan reinterpreted, 100% pure natural product. Made from high quality Swiss wines and herbs, fruits and spices and - of course - wormwood herb "Artemisia absinthium". A handcrafted, newly interpreted, 100% pure natural product. A specialty with a smart and complex fruit-spice note and contemporary in many ways.

These are the Macardo Spirits - spirits.

Discover exquisite spirits and enjoy the incomparable taste of our selection of different gin, vodka, rum and vermouth. With us you will find the perfect spirits for any occasion. We look forward to bringing you joy with our Macardo Spirits.