Grape marc (grappas)

Acquavite di vinaccia, aged in whisky barrique

Müller-Thurgau, Cuvée Reserva and Pinot Noir Barrique: our noblest Thurgau marc & fine spirits. They are distilled by master hand and refined in Macardo whisky barrels. Thus an absolute must for every grappa fan. Juicy and aromatic, with a nice nutmeg note, a hint of pepper and herbs. In addition, a long finish with the taste of vanilla and wood. Thus in all respects an exclusive, exquisite and limited Italian grappa variation.

Grappa from Pinot Noir from the barrique

Varietal Pinot Noir grape marc gives Macardo Pinot Noir Barrique exceptional finesse, balanced finesse and inspiring aroma density. 100% produced in Switzerland and aged for a long time in used Macardo Whisky Barrique casks. A Swiss marc distillate that has won several international awards. A long finish with notes of raisins, licorice, vanilla and wood flavors. Strong, full of character and spice, with rustic balanced finesse. 

The Cuvée Reserva Brand

Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer blend in the Cuvée Reserva Brand to create a taste revelation. Uniquely fine and in all respects on a par with the most exquisite Italian grappa variations. In other words - an exclusive and limited delicacy. Moreover, guaranteed free of sugar, colorings or flavorings, it is the Grand Cru among Macardo's marc brandies. Harmonious, soft and fruity, with a very long finish. Charming taste, characterized by strong notes of nutmeg and citrus. An absolute pleasure. 

Grappa from Müller Thurgau

The Swiss "Aquavite di vinaccia" Müller-Thurgau is made from single-varietal Müller-Thurgau grape marc from Swiss production in small batches. Thus, a pomace spirit that embodies the highest art of distillation. It is one of the best varietal "grappa alternatives" from Swiss production.

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