Swiss Premium Whiskies

Whisky made in beautiful Thurgau

We distill our Swiss Premium Whiskies surrounded by productive Thurgau grain fields. With experience and fire, we extract the maximum flavor from the regional ingredients. In addition, we distill by hand, gently and only in limited quantities. 

Maturation of the Swiss Premium Whisky

The finishing, i.e. the maturing process of the Macardo distillates, takes place in select barrels. They give the Swiss Premium Whiskies their exquisite taste. In addition to the type of wood, size and wall thickness, the decisive factor is what was previously stored in a barrel - for example, sherry, port, whisky or wine.

The Macardo barrel warehouse

The barrel store is Macardo's treasure trove and is also a world first. Innovation, made in Switzerland. It was developed with the Technical University of Winterthur. Each barrel is stored on a steel beam. Each carrier is equipped with a sensor. A perfectly adjusted microclimate prevails here for the maturation of the whisky.

The Macardo whisky range

Our standard range includes the Macardo Single Malt Whisky or the Swiss Thurbon Whisky made from corn, barley and rye. In addition, we also carry in our assortment limited whiskies which are available either in 42% vol. or in cask strength. Our spring water comes from calcareous soils, as in the country of origin of Bourbon, Kentucky. Further, we mash all three grains together. Then we distill them over the wood fire and let the New Make mature in new, internally toasted American white oak barrels

Enjoy a Macardo whisky with every sip, or when you visit our store. Our range varies from the classic single malt, Swiss Thurbon, Smoky Cask Strengthup to the Whisky Liqueur. Therefore, be inspired by our unique Swiss whiskies and experience superior liqueur enjoyment. Enriched by aromas of herbs, fruits and spices such as pepper, anise, chamomile, lavender, mint, cinnamon, also dried orange and lemon peel.

Order Swiss whisky online now

All our Swiss Premium Whiskies are available in the online store. Therefore, for more details, select your desired product and learn everything about the composition, taste and ideal combinations with other products from our store.