Noble sweet specialties to enjoy and refine

We are known worldwide for our innovative whiskies. But we are also passionate about creating distinctive liqueurs.

Mandarin Liqueur from Macardo

That Macardo thinks beyond the horizon is also confirmed by the exotic liqueur "La Guapa - Tangerine Liqueur". La Guapa translates as "The Pretty" or "The Beautiful." Fresh, sun-ripened organic mandarins from Sicily spread their aroma in smell and taste. The tart and full-bodied liqueur convinces with its long-lasting finish. An absolute rarity and pure pleasure for all liqueur lovers. Convincing taste, with a pleasant citrus note. It is perfect as a tangerine tonic, as a base in a fruity cocktail or pure. 

Whisky liqueur from Thurgau

The Whisky Liquer is the liqueur for whisky fans and an ideal companion for coffee and desserts. Wonderfully sweet, without sticking, with a distinct whisky aroma. By the way, the basis is our Swiss Thurbon. A wonderful combination of flavors of herbs, fruits, various spices, dried orange and lemon peel. Enjoy the pleasantly sweet aftertaste of sweet fruity tart notes of lavender and vanilla. You can definitely be surprised by the unique liqueur pleasure.

The legendary mulled gin

And with the Macardo mulled gin we have set a monument to juniper also in winter. Macardo Glüh-Gin is a real trendsetter that you should definitely try - hot in winter, but also in summer, neat, with ice or in a cocktail. The wonderfully warming properties for heart and soul are visually reflected in the seductive ruby red. The best ingredients of Thurgau apple juice, oranges, cinnamon, cloves and Christmas spices are combined in Macardo Glüh-Gin.

The natural herb liqueur from the monastery garden

The Monastery Herbs Liqueur combines the unique variety of fresh herbs from the alpine monastery garden with the noble spiciness of Pilgrim Grand Cru beers. This offers a unique composition with creamy consistency and sweet fruity scent without artificial flavors. Discover the pure power of nature - in the monastery herb liqueur from Macardo.

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