Tradition on four wheels

Of course, we could deliver our products in a conventional delivery truck. But Macardo lives tradition consciously. That's why we spent a long time looking for the perfect company vehicle - and came across a 1946 Chevrolet PickUp, which was dismantled into all its individual parts and completely rebuilt from the ground up by our neighbor Antique Classics Andeas Rombach, Strohwilen. Now it shines in new splendor. A likeable eye-catcher that attracts all eyes, no matter where it appears.

"The 1946 Macardo Chevrolet pickup, a rarity, given new life."

Transport vehicle and
advertising medium in one

The top-restored Chevy truck from Macardo is not a classic vintage car that mostly just sits in the garage. We use the PickUp for deliveries to customers as well as an eye-catcher at trade fairs and events. It is also used as a VIP shuttle for guests at events in the Macardo event location and as a wedding vehicle for couples celebrating the most beautiful day of their lives at Macardo.

The eye-catcher - also
for your occasion

Are you looking for an eye-catcher for your private or corporate event? You need a vehicle that is as unusual as it is eye-catching? By the way, you can also install a bar counter on the large loading bridge, where fine Macardo specialties are served.

Pickup booking requests

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